After about six months, my traffic reached what I thought to be reasonable levels of over 1,000 visitors a day on a consistent basis, and because of the massive amount of content I was starting to produce, I was delivering seven to ten thousand page views per day. I wanted to be able to leverage those page views into money. I had heard of such a thing as CPM advertising (Cost Per 1000 Impressions – you are paid a set amount for each 1,000 banner impressions you deliver) but never knew exactly how to get involved with it. I found out by asking around that the way to get these CPM deals was through Agencies. Since I thought I had finally “arrived” I decided to contact ad agencies and let them know I existed. I did what I usually do to find anything, I typed into Google “Internet Advertising Agencies”. I probably applied to 25 agencies and received very few responses, and the responses I did get told me they weren’t interested. Although I don’t give up easily, and I had enough other projects as my site was still growing, I put this idea on the